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Irespa in English

Flag of Irespa Welcome to Irespa!

The official language of Irespa is Dutch. Therefore, on this page in English language we can only provide an excerpt of all information available.

Most part of this web site is only accessible for citizens of Irespa, and becomes visible after entering name and citizen code. Important information for acquiring citizenship, such as the laws and regulations that apply to our citizens, is freely accessible though.


Irespa is a constitutional monarchy. It has both a King and a democratically chosen President, which serve similar functions. They can name the Judges and the Secretaries of State, and can propose bills to change the constitution. Of course, these have to be approved by the Parliament before they come into effect.

Being a constitutional state, Irespa has a Supreme Court as well. Every citizen has the right to accuse another person when he becomes victim of crime. Proposals from new laws can be taken to court as well when they do not conform to the constitution, and will not come into effect until the case is closed and the proposal deemed innocent.

Acquiring citizenship

If you are not fluent in Dutch, do not apply for citizenship.

Every natural person can aquire citizenship of Irespa via the immigration page on this web site. Citizens have to obey to the constitution and to the other laws. These are all written in Dutch, so if you do not speak Dutch, you are strongly recommended to take a language course before you apply for citizenship.


Irespa is still a rather young state. Its beginnings were rather undemocratic, with the excuse being that the decision making should not be delayed 'unnecessarily' by institutions like a Parliament. But things changed very quickly to the better. Some important dates:

5 November 2002: Present-day Irespa was founded.

18 November 2002: The first democratically chosen government was installed.

13 January 2003: With a real Parliament, Irespa becomes a truly democratic state. From this day on, every change to any law or the constitution must be accepted by the Parliament before it can come into effect.

30 August 2003: The possibilities of the Supreme Court are widened. It cannot only reject proposed laws, like before, but it can now also judge in cases where citizens of Irespa charge eachother.